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When to Have Your Boiler Serviced

Although annual servicing is an essential part of keeping your boiler in good working order, there are times when a professional inspection may be necessary. A professional inspection can help ensure that any problems with the boiler are identified and rectified before they escalate to a bigger problem. One example of when a boiler may need servicing is when you move into a new house, as you won’t know when the last time it was inspected. A professional boiler inspection will help identify any issues that were overlooked by the previous owner, and will help you decide when to schedule the service. There are various services for boiler servicing Glasgow and beyond which provide a professional service on any budget.

Here are some signs that your boiler may need to be examined more closely.


Signs That Your Boiler Needs Servicing

Boilers are incredibly expensive appliances that require regular maintenance in order to keep working properly. Even the smallest issues can become big problems if you don’t address them immediately. Luckily, it’s easy to spot some of the most common signs of boiler trouble, saving you a lot of money in the long run. Below are some of the most common signs of boiler trouble that should make you call a plumber immediately.

In order to identify the most common symptoms of a faulty boiler, start by checking for any puddles at the base. If the water is accumulating, the pressure valve or pump seal is likely to be the problem. These can be easy to detect, and they’ll save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. But you should always be wary of any signs that your boiler isn’t working correctly.

Symptoms Of A Faulty Boiler

If your boiler is not working properly, the first thing you should do is call a heating technician. This is especially important if you have a brand new boiler, because new boilers rarely have pilot lights that go out. Another sign that your boiler is faulty is a kettling noise, which can be caused by a build-up in the pipes or inside the heat exchanger. It could also be due to overheating.

If your boiler is leaking, the leak may indicate a malfunctioning internal part. A leak could also lead to an electrical short-circuit or even damage the house structure. You should switch off your boiler and contact a boiler service right away. Alternatively, you may notice dark sooty marks on your windows or walls. If you notice these signs, your boiler might be leaking carbon monoxide, which is extremely dangerous.

Recommendations For A Boiler Service

It is important to know the indications that it is time to have your boiler serviced. For example, a leaky water pipe may be an indication of the need for a new pressure release valve, and a blue pilot light may be a sign of a more serious problem. A boiler service is also vital for ensuring the safety of the boiler and that it runs as efficiently as possible for longer. The boiler service process should take no more than half an hour, but if the engineer finds that a component needs replacing, it may extend the process.

Before having a boiler service, you should check the fireside of the heat exchanger. This area is accessible behind inspection covers. Use a mild detergent to clean this surface. You should also apply a thin layer of mineral oil to minimize the risk of boiler fouling. Otherwise, residual debris can cause an overheating boiler and can reduce its efficiency. If your boiler is overheating or experiencing unusual noises or vibrations, it may be time to have your boiler checked.

Cost Of A Boiler Service

The cost of a boiler service varies depending on a number of factors. Where you live and the type of boiler you have will play a part in the cost. For example, a boiler service in London will cost around 10x more than a similar service in a suburb outside the capital. Also, if your boiler is more than ten years old, the parts may be out of date and the engineer may have a difficult time finding replacements, which will add extra to the cost.

Having a boiler service performed regularly is crucial for keeping energy bills low. An inefficient or faulty boiler will drive up your utility bill, while an over-worked boiler will use more fuel to heat your home than it should, costing you more money in the long run. Furthermore, if you are a landlord and own rental property, you are required to provide a Gas Safety Certificate every year. It is therefore important to schedule an annual service for your boiler, no matter what type you have.