School Safety

Are private schools safe?

When it comes to your child’s choice of school, most parents are concerned not only about the level of education but also about school safety. If you have been paying attention to the media lately, there seems to be a lot of tragedy going on in our schools, both in public schools and private schools. It is often felt that no school is safe. What do parents need to know, and are private schools really safer than public schools?

Every school in the world will face certain forms of negative behaviour. However, there are a few cases that have been discussed at the national level when it comes to schools and the understandable safety of students.


School safety in the news

You have probably seen various reports of sexual abuse scandals in many private schools across the country, focusing on boarding schools in New England. Choate Rosemary Hall was one of the newest schools to hit radio waves on suspicion of misconduct. It is important to note, however, that, with the exception of a few cases, most of the scandals that have been uncovered over the past few years have dealt with cases that have returned decades. Many of the schools involved in the news face situations involving former employees who have retired or even died since retirement. While this fact does not help past victims in the past, it does mean that parents today feel more confident that this scandal is not widespread at the moment; schools make sure the faculty in today’s schools is well-tested and unmatched by the citizen.

Sex scandals are one of the security issues that have plagued news stations in recent times, with school ammunition in the spotlight. Until 2017 Following the announcement of two school shootings, the recent 10 April. Weapons in San Bernardino, CA are a hot topic nationwide. Over the past decade, most shootings have taken place in public schools and colleges, but private schools are still receptive.

Many schools have set stricter rules and regulations for faculty and students, not just about guns. So how do schools really protect their students? Check out these best school safety practices.

School Safety Check

School overview checks

Today, private schools have implemented several checks and balances to ensure that faculty are respected by citizens. Schools are known to conduct thorough inspections of their staff, and in today’s world, most schools are diligently working to improve even the simplest of tips to ensure that students are safe. That doesn’t mean no one will ever hide through the cracks, but there are more security precautions and inspections today than in the past. This also applies to drug testing, where many states require many schools to conduct randomized trials, and some private schools choose to self-test.

Campus security systems are controlled and monitored

While some private schools are located on hundreds of acres of universities with thousands of potential destinations, others have limited access to an external tourist community. From live video channels throughout the campus and to security guards patrolling the land acres to the monitored entrances with locked gates, many private schools offer some of the safest surrounding schools.

Most private schools also develop strong relationships with local law enforcement agencies, ensuring that officials are familiar with the school and are actually in the university town. Some private schools are even known to have invited local officials for meals and special events as guests, improving relationships and reporting that law enforcement officials are regular visitors.

Many schools have sophisticated security systems in place, ranging from security cameras and motion sensor lights to doors that can be locked with a single key on the keyboard, FOB, or multiple computer keys. Students and teachers can be issued ID cards that are turned on and off through a computer or program, which means that a person’s access to buildings and rooms can be restricted for a few seconds if problems arise.