Vaccine Research

Vaccines are a hot topic at the moment, thanks to the global pandemic that we have all experienced the last 6 months. Covid-19 has brought with it many challenges, but one of the biggest has been creating a vaccine in such a short space of time. One of the main frontrunners in this mission to find a vaccine is a laboratory based in Illinois.

The Vaccine Research Foundation in Rockford, Illinois, works to promote the general health of people across the globe by dealing with epidemiologic, laboratory and clinical challenges posed by bioterrorism and other infectious diseases. Founded in 1989, this group is headed by Gregory A. Kitzinger. This foundation has helped to gain important recognition for important research areas, such as Gardening, HPV, Childhood Cancer, Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, and vaccination. Currently there are over 300 scientists involved in this organization. Although vaccine research is important to the medical community, many people are very passionate about other areas of research, such as cloning, curing cancer, animal and human cloning, genetic engineering, stem cell research, etc.


Vaccine research seeks to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, such as rabies and smallpox; to enhance the effectiveness of existing vaccines; to prevent the risk of adverse reactions associated with current vaccines; and to develop effective vaccines for new viruses and other disease-related challenges. There is a huge need for qualified and highly skilled professionals in this field. There are numerous positions available in the field, especially considering the pace of technology and the need to keep abreast of new techniques and research being conducted every day. Some of the positions available at this foundation include vaccine developers, vaccine safety engineers, vaccine safety technicians, sera technologists, regulatory affairs specialists, and clinical research associates.

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Some of the vaccines developed by vaccine research include the MVA vaccine, Rabies vaccine, PCV vaccine, measles vaccine, rotavirus vaccine, and hepatitis b vaccine. Many researchers are focusing on developing vaccines that will prevent diseases such as yellow fever, typhoid fever, shingles, giardia, meningitis, and several others. Other vaccines are designed to protect children from certain types of diseases such as those caused by viruses like Listeria and Q fever. The goal of vaccine research is not only to create effective vaccines but also to produce them in quantities capable of preventing the risks associated with them.