science club

Science Club For Young Scientists

Science Club is an excellent afterschool, mentorship-based science club for elementary school children. This program attracts middle school students with small groups of kids to perform engaging and fun science projects with faculty mentors. Each month, a different science project is chosen, with a theme that aligns with the club’s mission. The end result? An amazing scientific discovery!

One of the biggest challenges a primary engineer or science club faces is getting kids excited about science. In our research we have discovered that science club themes are effective because they spark kids’ interest in learning science and technology. In elementary school, it’s important to use tools like Science fair projects and games to motivate young minds. For a science club, a science fair project is a great way to demonstrate the building of a working model, or how chemicals react in nature. Projects that involve working models are also very motivating because kids can build the science project that they chose, which will then be used for science class!

Preservice teachers in primary and middle school science clubs need to have a clear vision of their club’s short-term goals and long-term goals. Most schools already have some preservice teachers who have a strong understanding of what it takes to create a good science club. If you’re looking for a teacher, talk to your principal about becoming a science club science adviser. Through professional membership and leadership, a primary and/or middle school science club can be formed with the right guidance.