Is Rising Damp Preventable?

Rising damp is a serious problem which can occur when a building is adversely affected by a build up of damp and condensation. This typically leads to rising damp occurring within the property. Rising damp is a serious issue and requires early intervention in order to mitigate the extent of the damage. So in this article we will look at whether or not rising damp is preventable and what causes damp to rise and then as a result damage the building.

Active Maintenance

Active maintenance is a term we like to use in order to describe building or homeowners who are choosing to actively maintain their building. Active maintenance is by far one of the most effective ways through which rising damp can be prevented. This is because active maintenance means that a variety of different kinds of issues will be looked at in order to ensure that the building is kept in a good overall condition. This also gives the property owner the ability to actively seek out and look for problems and issues which may be lurking beneath the surface.

One of the most effective ways through which problems such as rising damp can be identified is through a property survey. A property or building survey involves a property surveyor checking over a property for any signs of damage or property conditions which could be affecting the property.

Rising damp

How Harmful Is Rising Damp?

Without doubt, there are many risks posed by damp being left to thrive in a property. One of the main problems associated with rising damp is a weakened property. Damp can spread fast to other areas of your property and this eventually can lead to important foundations within the property weakening as well as the property generally falling into disrepair. Therefore action is needed in order to prevent damp spreading within the property.

One of the best ways through which you can take meaningful action against rising damp is by calling in property repair specialists. Using property repair specialists means that you are getting help and assistance from skilled experts who have the knowledge and capability to tackle these sizeable problems within your property.

In addition to using property repair specialists you may want to also consider a damp proofing service. Damp proofing services are an excellent way through which you can secure your property and protect it from damp in the near future. Doing this is essential if you want to be able to cut down on your overall repair bills as well as keeping your property in a habitable condition.

It really is important that any instance of damp is dealt with swiftly and effectively. This is because rising damp can lead to mould within a property. Mould is damaging to buildings and also poses a risk to health. It has been linked to multiple respiratory conditions.

Rising damp

Our Advice

Should you encounter damp within your home, we would highly recommend that you get the issue dealt with professionally. Unless you are experienced in property maintenance, it would be wise that you arranged for professionals to deal with this troublesome issue.