Changing the World With Science and Technology

Science Technology is the study of the properties of matter, especially where these properties may be useful to humans in one way or another. The area covers a broad range of areas including space science, nuclear weapons, astronomy, biomedical science, and engineering. Many areas of science have been impacted by science technology advancements. Examples include nanotechnology, renewable energy, genetic engineering, and cellular technologies.

Impact Tech Has Had On Society

There are many ways that science and technology has impacted our society. Examples include applications to medicine such as curing cancer and understanding the human immune system. There are also application areas such as computer science, engineering, and biology. The impact on society of science and technology studies are vast and growing.

Public interest groups have been instrumental in promoting science and technology studies as an important way of improving society. These groups promote a variety of public interest issues such as the economy, education, and global warming. A number of advocacy organizations such as the American Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology (AAAS) have also been successful in influencing government policy. Policy makers take the science and technology issues into consideration when formulating legislation.

Rapid Developments And Changes In Technology

In terms of the economy, science and technology studies help determine what type of educational system is necessary to facilitate societal growth. For instance, are there specific programs that would foster economic development in underdeveloped countries? How can we promote economic growth in industrialized nations so they can compete internationally with other countries? The studies have also influenced governmental policies in areas such as immigration and labour markets. Immigration restrictions that have been implemented in the past have been changed due to the research.

Another area of significant importance is the impact of science and technology on the environment. Concerns about pollution, air quality, and climate change have all grown due to advances in science and technology. The issues have become more complex as societies become more connected. Networks have emerged between countries and science has played an increasing role in this process. The use of the commons has expanded into areas such as water treatment and purification, recycling, energy production and consumption, information exchange, and transportation.


Changes in science and technology are changing the way society thinks about the world. Many are concerned about global warming and the impact it will have on future generations. Net neutrality also received widespread support due to the studies. Proponents of the concept say that it will increase communication between people across different regions and it will provide a platform for a healthy debate about important issues. Environmental advocates have used science and technology to lobby for stricter regulations and the legal framework should be expanded to protect natural habitats from the rapid expansion of technology which could lead to valuable and historic natural resources being completely drained out of remote areas of land across the world.